A Bookstore for Independent Authors

If you are an independent author or like to support the work of independent authors, visit backtothebooks.net. The brick and mortar bookstore (which also has an online store) was started by independent author, Jon Renaud, to provide a place for other Indie authors to make their works available to the public. Rather than re-invent the wheel of what is it, I’ll quote from the “About” page, but please visit the site and show your support for this great effort on behalf of Indie authors. Tell him I sent ya… And, yes–The Falcon Dirk is on the shelves at Back to the Books. Thanks, Jon!

“Back to the Books is located in beautiful Manitou Springs, Colorado in the shadows of Pikes Peak!

Owned and operated by Jon Renaud, an independent author himself, Back to the Books is the only bookstore opened for the sole purpose of bringing the works of independent authors from around the world together in one place. Back to the Books has assembled an incredible collection of unique books for the residents and visitors of Manitou Springs and the surrounding communities to enjoy.

Back to the Books has hundreds of titles from authors from all over the U.S., U.K., Canada, and even Australia. It does not matter if you love fiction, non-fiction, self-help, motivational, or even children’s books, you’ll find some of the best works you have never heard of, right here at Back to the Books.

New authors will be added monthly with new titles arriving everyday!”


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