Interview with Indie Author – Janet Throneberry

I  recently interviewed fellow Fayette County (TN) Indie Author, Janet Throneberry, author of the novel Waiting for Monday.

About Janet: The author was penning poetry and stories by the age of four and writing plays while in elementary school. Focusing on Literature and English courses along the way, she won scholarship money with an essay while living in Georgia. This sent her back to school to study the written word, its mechanics and deeper meanings. But it was seeing her poetry in print that inspired the dream of becoming a published author. Waiting for Monday was written in a picturesque, rural setting outside of Memphis, Tennessee, where Janet lives with her husband, children, and a Redbone Coonhound named Tracker. She is currently at work on a second novel.


Smudgedbutlegible: When did you decide to start writing? What led you to do that?

Janet Throneberry: As a very young child, I must have over-reacted to books because I read them over and over again and then set out with crayons to make my own.

What made you choose this story to write?

It sounds cliché, but the story chose me. People have trusted me with some astounding, unique situations for a very, long time. Those profoundly human, often cringe-worthy tales coupled with my own to tumble inside of me, just waiting to be dressed-up up for retelling.  (Without betraying any confidences, of course!)

Are you from the South originally?

I am.  And while living in others areas of our country, the south became a delicious point of reference for me. Ultimately, settling back into my roots made me appreciate how permanent our local residents are—many places were a bit too transient for my taste.

Did you find it difficult to write about domestic violence?

No…not at all.  I lived in that crippling circumstance for years. And for all of us who have been there, talking about the truth is vital.

 Why did you decide to self-publish Waiting For Monday?

The process was too distracting for me. The searching, investigating, trying to figure out the “business-end” of the thing. I was getting too drained to finish the story. Instead, I spent time negotiating with my publishing house.  After several weeks, we struck a deal I could afford that was a bit personalized for me. It was the best I could hope for as a new writer without wasting a ton of time.

What was the biggest problem you faced in getting the book into print?

Fear. I made changes for six months after the manuscript was “finished.”

Do you have a current writing project?

Yes, another novel but more modern-day than “Monday.”  Still, you can expect some eerie twists on reality. Another trip into “nothing is as it seems.”  Incidentally I’ve had quite a few requests to revisit Monday.  It could happen.

What do you like to read?

I love true stories, even true crime. And I love to read books about writing.

Do you have a favorite author?

This will date me, to say this least; but I love Joyce Carol Oates. It is a shame no one has revived her work in America’s classrooms. She is a genius, such a deep, old soul.

Waiting For Monday is your first novel. What one piece of advice would you give someone just beginning to write?

Check your ego at the coffeepot; you’ll use the delete button often. Your writing skills are like muscles, you have to build them up. That is actually one long piece of advice.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Janet’s debut novel is set among a tree-lined, southern middle class community, unspoiled, neighborhood friends playing safely on the sidewalks. Precisely at five-thirty, well-behaved daddies rush home to kiss their wives, and all is right with the world. The only problem is that nothing is as it seems. Secret sins and obsessions live in unseen places… Waiting for Monday is about a pretty, southern misfit with the uncanny ability to read greed and lust inside those who are up to no good. With no one to take her side, her help comes from a most uncommon source. In a heartrending twist, the girl who can see what others can’t is herself blind to the secret that will bring her own family to its knees. Reader beware, this isn’t just another, typical Monday. Published through AuthorHouse, 2012.


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  1. novelnumber2 says:

    Thanks for the write up. You are so organized and talented. ( Maybe you can tutor me. ) Seriously, you are the rock star of authors as far as I concerned! The part of “writing” I still haven’t approached is marketing. I hope to see your take on that!

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