About Poe’s Tamerlane…from KILLER ODDS

English: Front cover of Tamerlane and Other Po...

One of rarest and most valuable works of American Literature was self-published – It is a simple, forty-page pamphlet entitled Tamerlane and Other Poems, the first published (you might say self-published) work of American author and poet Edgar Allan Poe. In 1827 at age 18, Poe reportedly paid for the printing himself. For reasons known only to him, he chose to publish under the name “A Bostonian” rather than use his name. Because of that anonymity and the belief that perhaps as few as forty copies were printed, the slim volume has become one of the rarest books in American literature. Only twelve copies are known to exist today. In 2009, a copy auctioned through Christie’s auction house fetched a record $662,500.  The Saturday Evening Post ran an article in 1925 titled “Have You A Tamerlane In Your Attic?” A Massachusetts woman subsequently searched and found one. It is likely that most copies have been destroyed unknowingly as worthless pamphlets over the years, but there is always the possibility that someone could discover a lost copy tucked away in an attic or secondhand store. Someone may have a real treasure just waiting to be revealed. Perhaps that someone could be you…

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