Coronado…An Excerpt From KILLER ODDS

KILLER ODDS coverSomewhere over Arizona, Grant announced their descent to San Diego International, Lindbergh Field. As they neared their destination, the steep approach from the east carried them over the verdant Balboa Park. The blue glitter of the San Diego Bay appeared on Matt’s left. He squinted into the bright afternoon sun to identify the gray Navy vessel steaming under the two-mile long Coronado Bridge. Near the airport he recognized a formation of Marine recruits below. They marched in unison at the training center that paralleled the single-runway airport. Most of what Matt knew and had experienced about San Diego revolved around the military in one way or another. He had spit out a lot of sand and swallowed a lot of seawater down there.

When the plane had rolled to a stop and Grant had finished his post-flight checklist, he walked back into the cabin and handed Matt a phone. “Mr. Porter would like to speak with you.”

Matt received an enthusiastic welcome from his young friend, along with instructions on picking up the sedan Jason had reserved for them. “I’ll be stuck in this conference for another hour or so, but you have rooms at the Del. I’ll catch you a little later.”

The Coronado Bridge curved and rose to a zenith of 200 feet above the San Diego Bay. The drive across the bridge was nearly as long as the drive from the airport to reach it. The iconic red cone-shaped roofs of the Victorian era Hotel del Coronado stood out against its gleaming white walls and the white beachfront. As the valet parked the car and a porter took charge of their luggage, Matt and Andie entered the wood-paneled lobby and seemed to step back in time.

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