About Dutch

Clark G. “Dutch” Vanderpool, author of the mystery/crime novels The Falcon Dirk, Killer Odds and By Devious Means; songwriter; cartoonist; freelance contributor to anyone who is interested; Navy vet, certified firearms instructor–a native Kansan living in Tennessee and writing about writing, reading and the places and events associated with both.

5 Comments on “About Dutch”

  1. Dear Clark,

    Hope all is well! I came across your books and wanted to reach out and see if you needed any help promoting them?

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    Best Regards,

  2. Valerie says:

    Hi Dutch,

    Just popping over to say hello! Thanks for the Bible song, I appreciate the style of your music very much, and already the verses are stuck in my head…..effective! I had to get the whole CD so we can listed in the car with the kids. Two Tablets of Stone and Fruit of the Spirit are my favorites 🙂

    Thanks again for reaching out, I’ll be sure to link up your cd with our teaching resource links



    • Dutch says:

      Thanks, Valerie!! I wrote these at the suggestion of my wife (a teacher) when we taught second grade Sunday School many years ago. The Lord continues to use them. I appreciate your kind comments. I’m glad you like them.
      God Bless!

  3. Ron Williams says:

    Hey Dutch,
    “Smudged But Legible” reminds me of an old Navy requirement regarding the number of copies required for a document vs. the number of legible documents required.


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