All Whiskey Is Not Bourbon – All Writers Are Not Authors

I was contemplating the subject of author-versus-writer recently when I was drawn to a Tweet from Joel Friedlander called The New World of Publishing: Writer vs. Author taken from the blog of  Dean Wesley Smith. While not exactly along the lines of my thoughts on the subject, it is well worth the read. His primary, and accurate, distinction is that authorship is focused on a past accomplishment while writing is an on-going, forward-looking process. The application to the world of independent writers/authors is that the author mindset is focused on the success of the last book. The writer mentality is to get the old book out there and move on. To paraphrase Mr. Smith from the writer’s perspective: The best promotion for the old book is the next one.

I think all writers (especially independent writers) must consider how they invest their efforts. Read the rest of this entry »